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Protective Coating Technology

Car lovers and car owners have dreamed of a way to preserve that "new car" shine in what has become an increasingly harsh environment for automotive paint. While rich carnauba waxes and wax sealants have paved the way, nothing compares to the longevity, durability, and sustained brilliance of semi-permanent "nano-particle" coatings.

Thanks to innovations in aerospace technology, high-end protective coatings create a bond with the paint surface that cannot be removed without an abrasive process - in other words, without being removed intentionally. They will not wash off, wipe off, or wear off under normal circumstances!

Kike Sanchez of South Bay Detailing is certified in the application of Ceramic Pro Coatings - a full line of interior and exterior coatings that provide the most consistent results for not only automotive paint, but also for metals, glass, leather, hard plastics, rubber, trim, carpet, and fabrics! They can be used on the surface of cars, trucks, boats/ships, aircraft, RVs, motorcycles, and even heavy construction equipment! Because the Ceramic Pro Coating and the paint surface merge into one, the protective shield they produce is so durable, it actually repels water, dirt, and environmental contaminants, eliminating the need for wax, cutting down on the need for washing, and in some applications, are so durable they even defend your paint surface against scratches and rock chips!

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