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Specialized Mobile

Auto Detailing



Automotive Detailing Services

South Bay Mobile Detailing helps you protect and maintain your new car shine and smell by either maintaining your vehicle from the beginning with routine detailing appointments, or restore your used vehicle back to how it looked the day you drove it off the new car lot!

Motorcycle Detailing Services

Because your bike is so close and open to the road, many of your motorbike’s vital parts like the master cylinders, ignition system, starter, and charging system, as well as up underneath the fairings, cowls, and gear box, accumulate gunk that affects her performance, not to mention her sleek, good looks! Using little-known automotive detailing techniques like clay bar to remove contaminants that have bonded to the paint over the years; and skilled polishing techniques to remove minor surface scratches and swirl marks from the chrome and aluminum.

We even preserve and restore leather seats using a pH-balanced leather conditioning process, before finishing it off with a soothing coat of wax and UV protection on all plastic and hard surfaces.

Boat Detailing Services

Remember, much like a clean airplane, the aerodynamics on a clean boat reduces drag and helps it glide more easily on the water, saving on fuel consumption! But better yet, routine boat detailing is a must to keeping your watercraft functioning correctly, increases its resale value, and extends its life while reducing depreciation.

RV & Campers Detailing Services

South Bay Detailing sees two entirely different scenarios when it comes to detailing customer RVs. There are those whose RVs are living quarters for an active life on the road. They need someone to perform routine exterior cleanings to keep the vehicle shining, or periodic interior and exterior cleanings that include cleaning and vacuuming carpets, wiping down hard surfaces like tables and counter tops, and spiffing up kitchens, bathrooms, windows, and bedrooms.

Theses vehicles are often parked in the yard or driveway, exposed to the weather and external elements.

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Your wings shining 
like never before

Aircraft detailing requires an understanding of the products and formulas that work on an aircraft’s flesh without causing corrosion or damage that affects flight. For instance, there is more to detailing an aircraft that washing and slapping on some wax. 

Aircraft Detail


“impossible to find anyone more passionate about detailing. He knows more about paint than most painters I know. I can't say enough positive things about the results.”



Our Waterless

Detailing Process

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