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Headlight Repair

South Bay Detailing recently received our certification from Detailing Success in Headlight Repair. Hazy or yellowed headlights are part of the car appearance family, and we often see deteriorating headlights when cleaning customer vehicles.

Several years ago, car and truck designers seized on an opportunity to replace glass headlights with a more malleable poly-plastic carbonate that can be easily molded into shapes and sizes. The downside to this creation is a material that is susceptible to the sun’s ultraviolet rays drying out the lightweight plastic headlight material, causing them to oxidize and form tiny micro-cracks that produce a yellowish haze.

Hazy Headlights are a Hazard

These fine cracks and scratches are a road hazard, compromising night vision and reducing the effectiveness of your headlights by up to 80 percent.

South Bay Detailing offers a headlight repair that takes less than an hour and improves visibility by 140 percent, without the cost of replacement.

Using a professional-grade headlight lens restoration system, we remove fine scratches and use a special polishing process that increases your headlights brightness by three to four times their damaged state!

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Yes, they are real pictures, real results!

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