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hard stuff removal

There is exciting new construction all around you like shopping centers and restaurants, but you may not realize until sometime later that wet cement, hot tar and asphalt from the parking lot, and even paint from the markings may have settled on your paint in tiny speckles.


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It's a Sticky Business: Paint, Concrete & Road Tar

The Ingredients in cement and concrete - that is, crushed stone and gravel, rock, and sand - are natural enemies of a glossy paint finish. To make matters worse, some of these elements when mixed with air and water produce a chemical process known as “hydration”. The result is an abrasive, hardened mess.

You should not try to remove concrete, paint or asphalt yourself because you risk badly damaging the paint. An automatic car wash won’t penetrate it either. You need a professional automotive detailer and paint correction specialist like South Bay Detailing. There is no quick and easy way to remove cement and concrete from your paint, but Kike Sanchez has a safe and effective method for removing these contaminates without damaging your finish.

Sometimes it reveals itself as a spattering of rough, discolored specks so small they are difficult to recognize. Known as “overspray”, your car’s paint surface is constantly vulnerable to airborne chemicals, paints, stains, epoxies, polyurethane foams, and even pesticides, fertilizers, and cleaning fluids used in and around building sites.

Using detailing clay and sometimes paint cleaners, South Bay Detailing is your best bet for removing overspray contaminants from your vehicle.

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