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Paint Correction

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your car or truck lives a dangerous and brutal existence!

Your car paint is constantly under siege from flying road debris, environmental fallout, weather, and chemical reactions like oxidation and fading from UV sun rays. Then there is the damage caused by caustic substances like acid rain, squashed bugs, bird droppings; hot, sticky asphalt; salt and sand; and winter slush.


Add to that accidental scratches caused by automated car washes; sitting a bag of groceries on the hood; or bumping up against the surface with a purse, keys, or a belt buckle. Even a woolly coat or a bump of the hip wearing a pair of denim jeans to close a door can leave marks!

During the 1980s automotive manufacturers began adding clear coats to the surface to act as a barrier against direct damage to your car paint. The job of the clear coat is to take the brunt of any damage, but what happens when that clear coat gets damaged by scratches, etches, streaks, holograms, and marks?

Your car paint becomes dull and cloudy!

Not to be confused with clay bar, which cleans contaminants from the paint surface, paint correction uses a very fine and skilled abrasive technique to remove a minuscule layer of the clear coat, equivalent to 1/100th of the thickness of a sheet of typing paper, to remove the damage. Followed by a skillful machine buffing, carefully so as not to burn the paint, your vehicle's shine is often more brilliant than the day you drove it off the showroom floor!

Believe it or not, inexperienced detailers and Do-it-Yourselfers (DIY) are often the worst offenders! They who wield an electronic buffer like a buzz-saw on full throttle, burning the paint and leaving distortions like holograms and cloudy markings.

we clean your paint using clay bar.

While certified professional detailers like Kike Sanchez always use lubricating shampoo, DIYers and inexperienced detailers often scrub the surface with granular soap and dirty sponges, rags, and towels, resulting in the dirt itself acting like an uncontrolled abrasive that virtually grinds the dirty and grit into the clear coat, making the scratches worse. Paint correction specialists like South Bay's Kike Sanchez spend a lot of time fixing the mistakes of others, and re-leveling the paint by shaving away 1 to 2 microns of your clear coat, and then buffing it back out to a sparkling shine!

Depending on the damage and age of your vehicle, South Bay provides 1-Stage, 2-Stage, and 3-Stage Paint Correction to revitalize your shine!

Classic vehicles, older than the 1980s when clear coat became the mainstream, require a careful paint cleaning process along with a tedious paint correction technique that has turned many a faded clunker into a blue ribbon winner!

Get more information about South Bay Detailing's classic car revitalization and car show prep services! Long-term Paint Protection

After paint correction, you should do everything possible to prevent repeating the process in the near future!

After buffing your newly corrected paint to a perfect shine, Kike protects it with a long-lasting wax sealant or a new semi-permanent nano-coating that repels dirt and scratches for several months at a time. With periodic detailing and Kike monitoring the health of your paint, your vehicle will maintain its shine for months and years, rather than weeks and months!

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