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Classics & Exotics Detailing

Meet the "Car Connoisseurs":

  • Those who buy ultra exotic luxury and sports cars, simply because they can

  • Those who have high-end luxury automobiles custom-built from the ground up according to their own personal specifications

  • Those who buy, maintain, or collect classic vehicles for personal use or for show


Southern California has its share of all three, and they all have one thing in common: They are very discerning about who details and maintains their prize vehicles!

Kike Sanchez is Southwest Los Angeles County's most experienced high-end automotive detailer. Certified by the Detailing Success Network and the International Detailing Association (IDA), and a member of the Air Force One and Boeing Centennial Detailing Team at Seattle's Museum of Flight, Kike knows a thing or two about caring for iconic, exotic, multi-million-dollar automotive assets.

The Exotic & Custom Lover

The exotics owner requires experience, quality products, and passion - a combination that makes South Bay Detailing a first class detailer.

Starting with your paint, Kike begins by digitally measuring the precise paint thickness and depth on every section of your vehicle. He inspects the paint to determine the extent to which environmental contaminants have built up on the surface, and whether a shampoo and clay bar are sufficient to remove them. He also watches for cobwebs of fine scratches that cause holograms and swirls that dull the shine.


Depending on the results from these inspections, Kike will make recommendations on whether a clay bar is sufficient to clean the paint, or whether any of three levels of Paint Correction are needed.

The paint examination is followed by a full hand foam wash using a Foam Gun and lubricating, pH-neutral shampoo to loosen all dirt, grime and grit. Exotics and Classics groomed for the concours or car show circuits will also require cleaning the often overlooked hinterlands tires, wheels, wheel wells, fender wells, door shuts, the underside of bumpers, inside exhaust pipes, and in most cases, even the motor and engine block. He finishes the cleaning with a hand dry using a water blade and soft microfiber drying towels.

Depending on the extent of scratches, holograms, swirls, streaks, etches, and other imperfections, Kike will discuss how aggressive he needs to get with the paint and clear coat. Visit our page on Paint Correction for more details on this process.

All plastic, metal, wood, or rubber trim is masked with tape before polishing, to avoid polisher burns and polish residue. After one to three passes with a carefully controlled professional-grade machine polisher, Kike will discuss with you the best products for waxing, sealing, or coating the finished product to protect it against further contamination. Some coatings are even durable enough to repel scratches, dirt, liquids, flying rock chips, and road debris; and many last for years, compared to weeks and months offered by waxes and sealants.

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