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RV Detailing

Contact South Bay Detailing for affordable pricing and to set up an appointment for all heavy equipment, semi-trucks, pressure washing, and fleet cleaning services.


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Los Angeles County's panoramic mountain ranges, gorges, canyons, beaches, and winding seaside roadways make camping and recreational travel a popular past time for local residents as well as tourists year round. Maintaining your travel home or recreational vehicle on the road as well as in between trips is a challenge many RV owners rarely think about until they actually own one.

South Bay Detailing sees two entirely different scenarios when it comes to detailing customer RVs. There are those whose RVs are living quarters for an active life on the road. They need someone to perform routine exterior cleanings to keep the vehicle shining, or periodic interior and exterior cleanings that include cleaning and vacuuming carpets, wiping down hard surfaces like tables and counter tops, and spiffing up kitchens, bathrooms, windows, and bedrooms.

Then there are RV customers whose vehicles sit unused for long periods of time, sometimes for years, before the owner decides to clean her up in order to sell. Theses vehicles are often parked in the yard or driveway, exposed to the weather and external elements.

South Bay Detailing must take the RVs environment into consideration. Has your RV been parked in the shade or protected by a covered carport or garage? If it is kept outside, what kind of exposure to sunlight does it get?

The amount of UV exposure and oxidation affects the types of product, pads, and the kind of polisher South Bay Detailing will use. Using a full arsenal of products and equipment that are specific to the type of materials your RV is made from, and the amount of damage, gives SBD a bag full of tricks to choose from in tackling your RV.

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