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Detailing South Bay Area Fire Department Vehicles

Detailing South Bay Area Fire Department Vehicles

The Los Angeles Fire Department is a full-spectrum life safety agency based in Los Angeles. It is proud to protect more than four million people who live and work in America’s second largest city. Furthermore, the Los Angeles Fire Department not only preserves life and property but also promotes public safety. Moreover, LAFD fosters economic growth through a commitment to prevention, preparedness, response and recovery as an all risk life safety response provider.

LAFD Vision

The Los Angeles Fire Department provides exceptional Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services by being incredibly driven, technologically sophisticated and community focused while reflecting the people they are serving.

LAFD Core Values

Service – Dedication to our Community

Professionalism – Honoring the Firefighter Oath

Integrity – Upholding moral and ethical conduct at all times

Respect – Embracing diversity and recognizing individual worth

Innovation – Taking creative risks to adapt and improve

Trust – Reliance on the integrity, strength, and ability of our members

The men and women of your Los Angeles Fire Department are proud to serve every single citizen in need. Each day, the LAFD responds to more than 1,000 emergency calls. Department Rescue Ambulances (RAs) transport more than 500 people to area hospitals each day. The firefighters in all 106 fire stations in Los Angeles respond to traffic accidents, strokes, heart attacks, and fire. LAFD is dedicated to your safety and protection. And every day they come to work and consider it a privilege to protect and serve you.

The LAFD’s 3,246 uniformed fire personnel protect life, property and the environment through their direct involvement in fire prevention, firefighting, emergency medical care, hazardous materials mitigation, disaster response, and community service. An equally committed non-sworn cadre of 353 professional support personnel provides administrative expertise in their corresponding pursuit of the department’s mission.

Needless to say, a total of 1,018 uniformed firefighters are always on duty at fire department facilities citywide. This also includes 106 neighborhood fire stations located across the Department’s 471 square-mile jurisdictions.

Kike Detailing the LAFD’s Fire Truck

In order to do their job the right way, LAFD’s fire trucks have to be top-notch and always ready to serve. However, even though LAFD offers lifesaving services, they need help sometimes as well. It’s not lifesaving help but still counts. Kike Sanchez of South Bay Detailing offered his detailing expertize and provided a paint correction to one of The Los Angeles Fire Department fire trucks. Kike made a paint correction on the fire truck in the city of El Segundo, California. It took him one day to detail the fire truck and it was one of the most enjoyable working experiences for Kike.

For the last 15 years, Kike’s South Bay Detailing has been servicing Southern California. The cities on the west coast that Kike has been servicing include El Segundo, Redondo, Hermosa, Manhattan and Palos Verdes Beach. Moreover, Gardena, Carson, Torrance, and San Pedro are also on the list of cities that Kike is servicing. Kike’s dedication, work ethic and great attention to detail come from his personal love for cars. He says: “I want each and every one of my customers to feel great about driving their car, to have a sense of pride, and to feel secure in knowing they are protecting their investment with detailing”. Kike offers the safest and most effective detailing techniques and products and multistage paint correction which he also demonstrated on one of the LAFD fire trucks.

Kike specializes in cleaning and safely removing oxidation, fine scratches, and paint flaws that are usually caused by the sun, bug splatter and the effects of environmental fallout on aging paint. In case you believe that your vehicle has lost its shine, Kike can get you a FREE Paint Assessment in order to determine whether your car needs a Paint Correction that can ultimately save you thousands of dollars. There are high chances that Paint Correction will look much better than new paint! Contact South Bay Detailing for affordable pricing and set up an appointment for all heavy equipment, semi-trucks, pressure washing, and fleet cleaning services that will refresh your vehicle in no time!

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