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Keep your bike sparkling in the sunlight & firing on all cylinders



From touring bikes and cruisers to choppers, sports bikes and Hogfathers, motorcycle manufacturers have added a variety of paints, metal surfaces, and factory extras to modern bikes that make them more challenging and time-consuming to detail.

Specializing in safe, intricate motorcycle detailing, Kike Sanchez at South Bay Detailing brings a little extra Thrumph to Southwest L.A. County bike riders who are universally protective of their ride and who demand a greater level of professionalism in cleaning and maintaining their two-wheel asset.

Because your bike is so close and open to the road, many of your motorbike's vital parts like the master cylinders, ignition system, starter, and charging system, as well as up underneath the fairings, cowls, and gear box, accumulate gunk that affects her performance, not to mention her sleek, good looks! Using little-known automotive detailing techniques like clay bar to remove contaminants that have bonded to the paint over the years; and skilled polishing techniques to remove minor surface scratches and swirl marks from the chrome and aluminum.

We even preserve and restore leather seats using a pH-balanced leather conditioning process, before finishing it off with a soothing coat of wax and UV protection on all plastic and hard surfaces.

Whether it's a superficial bi-weekly wash and wax or a safe periodic cleaning of her inner workings, Kike Sanchez at South Bay Detailing will keep your bike sparkling in the sunlight and firing on all cylinders!

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