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Paint Correction

New cars as well as used cars all benefit from a complete interior & exterior detail.

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If you own a luxury vehicle that you want to keep in top shape for years to come, you should take full advantage of the professional auto detailing and polishing services offered by the team at South Bay Detailing. We are in South Bay, and we can go to your location in Los Angeles Area, including Bel Air, Brentwood, Calabazas, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, and the surrounding areas.


Our mobile car detailing team can offer a wide range of services including exterior and interior cleaning, ceramic coating, seat and carpet shampooing, paint correction, and so much more. We offer a full-service detailing service, and we are proud members of the Air Force One Detailing Team and top-rated detailers in Los Angeles.


Ferrari, McLaren, Lotus, Maserati, Bentley and other exotics are our specialty here at SOUTH BAY, and our remarkable experience and happy clients are our best assets.


Each vehicle from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, or any of the other high-end manufacturers have particular needs, and certain precautions need to be taken to ensure the safety of their surfaces. We have collected this knowledge and experience, we are eccentric automotive detailing specialists.

We regularly work on vehicles from all over the southern California, so if you’re not from the Los Angeles area don’t worry about it because we can go to you and explain you the entire process to safely take care of your car(s)  please get in touch with us to arrange to have your prized possession sent as fast is possible.

we clean your paint using clay bar.

While certified professional detailers like Kike Sanchez always use lubricating shampoo, DIYers and inexperienced detailers often scrub the surface with granular soap and dirty sponges, rags, and towels, resulting in the dirt itself acting like an uncontrolled abrasive that virtually grinds the dirty and grit into the clear coat, making the scratches worse. Paint correction specialists like South Bay's Kike Sanchez spend a lot of time fixing the mistakes of others, and re-leveling the paint by shaving away 1 to 2 microns of your clear coat, and then buffing it back out to a sparkling shine!

Depending on the damage and age of your vehicle, South Bay provides 1-Stage, 2-Stage, and 3-Stage Paint Correction to revitalize your shine!

Get more information about South Bay Detailing's classic car revitalization and car show prep services! Long-term Paint Protection

After paint correction, you should do everything possible to prevent repeating the process in the near future!

After buffing your newly corrected paint to a perfect shine, Kike protects it with a long-lasting wax sealant or a new semi-permanent nano-coating that repels dirt and scratches for several months at a time. With periodic detailing and Kike monitoring the health of your paint, your vehicle will maintain its shine for months and years, rather than weeks and months!

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