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Fleet & Semi Truck Detailing

Contact South Bay Detailing for affordable pricing and to set up an appointment for all heavy equipment, semi-trucks, pressure washing, and fleet cleaning services.


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Keep a Clean & Healthy Fleet

Which had you rather the public notice when they see your delivery vans, buses, company cars, and trucks in their neighborhoods and on the roads: An easily recognizable, bright, glossy vehicle with your logo, or your logo underneath a grimy "Wash Me!" scrawled in dirt on the windows?

South Bay Detailing understands that many companies don't have the time or manpower to routinely clean and detail all of your vehicles, but Kike Sanchez does! Investing in having your fleet routinely detailed and maintained protects your monetary investment and reduces the risk of mechanical problems.


A clean and healthy fleet is a marketing tool, whether you have economy-style pizza delivery cars, florist delivery vans, utility service trucks, or public transportation vehicles like buses, trams, and limousines.

South Bay Detailing offers a variety of detailing options and flexible onsite scheduling:

  • Flexible off-hour appointments

  • 24-hour turnaround available

  • Set cleaning cycles to ensure every vehicle gets equal service

  • Monthly billing

  • Maintenance & damage reports

  • Pick-up and delivery

  • Transportation Carriers Have a Dirty Job


Cross-country transportation and logistics is one of the many booming industries in the Los Angeles metro and Kike Sanchez sees his share of dirty semi-trucks. Detailing these large vehicles is not usually offered by the average car detailer, but South Bay Detailing is not your average detailer!

Exposed to some of the grittiest of road debris, all that caked-on grime diminishes mileage and performance, while speeding up the wear and tear on your vehicles. Using powerful professional pressure washing services that are safe and effective, SBD will blast away the dirt and grime from your big rig and leave it looking new and in excellent operating condition.

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