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  • I have a new car, do I need a detail?"
    Can You Believe It! On the car lot or the showroom floor, new cars have been manhandled by delivery personnel, service techs, salespeople, and numerous potential buyers! Along the way, your new vehicle has been exposed to railroad dust, highway freight contamination, and dockside or rail-side pollution from being stored in highly industrial areas.The dealership gives you a quickie car wash once you sign the bill of sale, but few dealerships employ professional detailers who know anything about automotive paint or how to properly buff out a shine. Automotive Detailing and Automotive Paint Correction are the most cost-effective ways to protect your long-term automotive investment, and to be guaranteed a higher trade-in value when you get ready to sell!Kike prefers you drive straight from the dealership to South Bay Detailing! We will remove all the fine scratches, swirls, streaks, water spots, uneven paint, and environmental contaminants, and show you how a long-lasting protective coating will have it looking visibly better than it did on the showroom floor!
  • Detailing, is that just an expensive car wash?"
    Routine detailing SAVES you money at every turn! The average automated car wash is little more than a superficial rinsing. Some car washes even use abrasive textiles that leave fine scratches that build up over time and dull your new paint. South Bay Detailing thoroughly cleans and reconditions your automobile inside and out with the goal of reviving, restoring, maintaining, and protecting to as close as possible, showroom condition! Beginning with a hand wash, which puts Kike up close and personal with your paint, he recognizes the signs of oxidation, etching, and the slow deterioration of both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. South Bay Detailing can not only use paint correction to maintain your shine, but they also offer the long-term protection of automotive coatings. Regularly detailing your vehicle helps maintain the maximum value of your vehicle!
  • My car is old, the paint is dull. I need a paint job?"
    Re-spraying a full-sized vehicle runs about $1,500 - $2,000. On a classic, it can be as much as $6,000. Dull paint cannot be washed off or even buffed to a shine without highly advanced detailing techniques like clay bar to clean the paint, followed by a trained multistage paint correction using abrasives and a buffer. Kike specializes in cleaning and safely removing oxidation, fine scratches, and paint flaws caused by the sun, bird droppings, bug splatter, and the effects of environmental fallout on aging paint. If you think your aging vehicle has seen its last shine, let Kike get you a FREE Paint Assessment to determine whether a Paint Correction may save you thousands of dollars on a paint job. Chances are Paint Correction will look better than new paint, and preserves the integrity of your original classic!
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