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Ceramic Pro Strong For the Toughest, Roughest Surfaces!

Known as one of the coating industry's "permanent" coatings, Ceramic Pro Strong is most popular on assets exposed to harsh environmental conditions like boat hulls, heavy construction equipment, and industrial surfaces. Ceramic Pro Strong has the strength and durability of 40 coats of Ceramic Pro 9H, South Bay's most durable coating for trucks and automobiles ... Now that is tough!

Ceramic Pro Strong

In the bottle it looks like water but when CP Strong is applied to any surface foundation, it hardens like glass with the qualities of a transparent protective film due to its 3D matrix chemical structure. Like other automotive surface coatings, CP Strong bonds to the surface on which it is applied and offers extraordinary longevity and absolute scratch resistance making the surface very easy to clean. Water, dirt, grease, and other stains simply roll off or can be wiped away. There is rarely any need for reapplication and it is also resistant to solvents, acids, alkalis, graffiti, and chemicals.

At room temperature, CP Strong completely cures within 2 hours and becomes tack-free after 7 days.

If you own a boat or maintain a fleet of commercial construction or farm equipment like tractors, combines, front-end loaders, and excavators, ask Kike Sanchez at South Bay Detailing whether Ceramic Pro Strong is the right coating product for you!

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