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Superior Wear Resistance & Durability

As many people know, wet leather causes it to stiffen and darken in color. Pro Leather keeps the fabric soft and comfortable to the touch, while repelling the sun’s UV rays that usually cause it to fade and age more quickly.

Ceramic Pro Leather

Automotive leather is one of the finest and most expensive interior upholstery available, but unlike the thick and rugged leather so popular in a good sturdy pair of leather boots or a belt, automotive leather is specially treated to be soft, supple, and luxurious to the touch.

Unfortunately, those same qualities make it vulnerable. The constant sliding in and out of the seats will wear away the surface causing the transfer of dirt and clothing dyes to the leather surface over time. It is also susceptible to the sun’s UV rays causing the material to fade, harden, crack, and split. Furthermore, spills will easily stain and discolor the porous fibers, while sharp objects like jewelry and watches, umbrellas, belt buckles, electronics, and keys are all capable of snagging the pliable material and causing physical damage.

When you purchase a vehicle with leather interior, you should contact Kike Sanchez at South Bay Detailing immediately, and ask him to treat your new leather fabric with Ceramic Pro Leather. If you have an existing vehicle with leather, Pro Leather can save and even restore most leather surfaces.

The super hydrophobic coating made specifically for automotive leather, will safeguard it against spills, fading, and general wear and tear. Bonding with the leather itself, Ceramic Pro Leather creates a durable but malleable protective coating that forces liquids to bead up on the surface so it can be easily wiped away.

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