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Because 9H will permanently seal every minute imperfection, South Bay will always require a multistage Paint Correction to remove all flaws, no matter how minor. Once 9H seals that slick, glossy surface, your car’s paint will be not only flawless — it will be exquisite!

Many car owners use Ceramic Pro 9H specifically on hard to reach spots like the roof of their truck or SUV, so they don’t have to use a ladder to wax it; or along the lower panels where road debris is most vicious.

Contact Kike at South Bay Detailing for a FREE PAINT ASSESSMENT to find out whether Ceramic Pro 9H is right for your vehicle!

Ceramic Pro 9H

Ceramic Pro uses nanotechnology to combine the reinforced qualities of a hard protective coating with the shine properties that enhance the luster of the paint. The result is a coating that attaches itself to your vehicle’s paint so the coating itself becomes the new surface of your vehicle. Once applied, Ceramic Pro 9H forms a permanent protective film on your vehicle’s paint surface that cannot be washed off or worn away, and can only be removed purposefully using an abrasive, chemicals, or machine polish.

Whether you have just purchased a new vehicle, or you have just had a 1-, 2-, or 3-stage paint correction on your existing vehicle, you want to preserve that perfect shine and prevent the forces of nature from eating away at it.

Ceramic Pro 9H’s hydrophobic qualities force water to bead up, rather than forming water spots and streaks. The formula’s transparent 3D matrix structure repels dirt, road salt, bugs, bird droppings, and acid rain from the surface, drastically cutting down the frequency and need to wash your vehicle. Even better, 9H’s unique formulation allows South Bay to increase the coating’s thickness with multiple applications or layers that make your car’s surface practically invincible against scratches, graffiti, and rock chips, while defying natural chemical processes like oxidation, weathering, corrosion, and chemical fallout. It even offers excellent thermal and UV protection against fading.

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